Friday, March 12, 2010

Homeschool Library Builder - A Review

It's funny, growing up going to school one of my least favorite classes was literature. I loved to read, but hated how we had to analyze stories. I just wanted to read and enjoy them. Now, homeschooling my kids, literature is one of my favorite tools to get them to learn. However, we are analyzing the stories in a much different way than I did in school. There are many great literature based curricula out there like Five in a Row, Veritas Press, Sonlight, and many more. The problem is obtaining the literature. Sometimes it feels like you have to spend an arm and a leg just to get the curriculum. The other option is to use the library. What if they don't have that book? What if it is not available when you want it? Let's face it, there are well over 200 homeschool families in my area (that I know of) using my same library system. There is a good chance at least a couple of them will be looking for the same book I am.

Homeschool Library Builder is here to help. They are a Christian family-run book business selling new and used books at less expensive prices. They offer a membership program that let's you earn points for every dollar you spend. Fifteen points is equal to $1 to spend on a future purchase. The membership is free. Many of the titles are between 25 and 50% below retail, and there are some even less. What is even cooler is the search by curricula function. Say you need books for Sonlight 2nd grade, you can click that option and they bring up the list of books they have available for Sonlight 2nd grade.

I was not in a position of needing to order curriculum right now, so I have not ordered from Homeschool Library Builder. I have thoroughly checked out the website, and am very excited to test it out when I do need to order. They even have some out of print books that are hard to find. Click here to read what some of my fellow Crew members had to say about this.

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