Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Evan's First Story

The Kid That Goes to Baseball
by Evan Blunt

The boy and his dog are going to baseball. The dog has the ball. The boy has a hat on. The dog is following the boy with the baseball shirt. The boy is wearing clete baseball shoes. The boy's team is the Red Sox. The Red Sox have won all 16 of their games. Right now, they are going to the championship game. The boy plays second base. He is by his team. He will get ice cream if they win, or maybe french fries. He may get a pumpkin to make pumpkin pie. The dog will do a dance.

The End


We did the lesson on Earth this week. We had a total of 9 kiddos this week. If we keep growing, I think I'm going to have to get a license or something. But it was fun. We learned how perfectly Earth was designed for life. It is the perfect distance from the sun. It has the perfect rotation and atmosphere. It even has the perfect magnetosphere (mag neet o, like on x-men). We had to learn what a magnetosphere is. It is basically the magnetic field surrounding the earth to help protect us from the solar winds. These are the same solar winds that cause the beautiful Northern Lights. With all these perfect design elements, if even one of them were slightly off, we would not be here. We are not here by accident. We were placed here by a loving God, who knew EXACTLY what He was doing.

Our experiment this week was building a compass from a magnetized needle and a cork. Unfortunately it was hard for the floating cork to stop moving because it was so windy outside. But at least the kids know how to build a compass if they are ever lost in the middle of nowhere with a sewing needle and a cork. But I think they will also remember what a magnetosphere is. And most importantly, they learned that we are not here by accident. I will have to remember to take pictures next week.

This is how to homeschool....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Today we learned about Venus. It is the second planet from the sun, but is the hottest planet. The thing that continues to amaze me is how, with all the evidence, people can continue to believe in the "big bang". Venus did not land where it is by accident. According to the big bang theory, everything started from one explosion. According to physics, an explosion causes everything to spin in the same direction. Venus rotates in the opposite direction of all the other planets. Venus has thousands of volcanoes covering its surface. For our experiment today we learned about lava flow by using melted butter as the lava. Our volcano was a small bowl tipped upside down onto a plate, covered with flour (rocks, debris, etc.) The kids also made a comic strip about what a day on Venus would be like. Next time, we will study our own amazing, perfectly designed planet.