Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We did the lesson on Earth this week. We had a total of 9 kiddos this week. If we keep growing, I think I'm going to have to get a license or something. But it was fun. We learned how perfectly Earth was designed for life. It is the perfect distance from the sun. It has the perfect rotation and atmosphere. It even has the perfect magnetosphere (mag neet o, like on x-men). We had to learn what a magnetosphere is. It is basically the magnetic field surrounding the earth to help protect us from the solar winds. These are the same solar winds that cause the beautiful Northern Lights. With all these perfect design elements, if even one of them were slightly off, we would not be here. We are not here by accident. We were placed here by a loving God, who knew EXACTLY what He was doing.

Our experiment this week was building a compass from a magnetized needle and a cork. Unfortunately it was hard for the floating cork to stop moving because it was so windy outside. But at least the kids know how to build a compass if they are ever lost in the middle of nowhere with a sewing needle and a cork. But I think they will also remember what a magnetosphere is. And most importantly, they learned that we are not here by accident. I will have to remember to take pictures next week.

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Steph Clunn, moderator said...

Wow Gidge, you are getting a lot accomplished and are doing great! Don't doubt yourself! The payoff comes YEARS down the road and we are meant to endure! So when you get down, check out your own blog! You are doing soooo good!!! Keep up the good work!