Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Today we learned about Venus. It is the second planet from the sun, but is the hottest planet. The thing that continues to amaze me is how, with all the evidence, people can continue to believe in the "big bang". Venus did not land where it is by accident. According to the big bang theory, everything started from one explosion. According to physics, an explosion causes everything to spin in the same direction. Venus rotates in the opposite direction of all the other planets. Venus has thousands of volcanoes covering its surface. For our experiment today we learned about lava flow by using melted butter as the lava. Our volcano was a small bowl tipped upside down onto a plate, covered with flour (rocks, debris, etc.) The kids also made a comic strip about what a day on Venus would be like. Next time, we will study our own amazing, perfectly designed planet.


Randi Sue said...

I was amazed to learn that Venus rotates the opposite way from all the other planets. Another hole int the theory of evolution.

5Gustos said...

Are you using a certain curriculum/science guide for these studies? We just did the planets with Considering God's Creation. It's nice.