Friday, March 19, 2010

Homeschool in the Woods Maps - A Review

Homeschool in the Woods is a publisher of history resources. I received downloads of their new Olde World Style United States and World Maps.

The World Maps set contains over 130 maps and 40 notebooking pages to go along with it. There are ancient maps, modern maps, maps of Paul's missionary journeys, and much more. The notebooking pages are a great addition to any curriculum. For example, one page is title "Flora and Fauna from the country of..." It has lines to fill in information about the flora and fauna from whatever country it is that you want to study. It also has a couple boxes to include pictures. The student can print pictures, cut them from magazines, or draw them.

The United States Maps set contains over 180 maps and notebooking pages for each state (with answer keys). There are so many maps included in this set it is hard to know where to begin. There are maps of each individual state. Some maps have text, some are just outlines. The same goes for the complete US maps. This set also contains historical maps, like the original 13 colonies. There is even a map that shows where all the Native tribes lived before the U.S.

These sets can be downloaded individually for $18.95 each or together in a Combo-Pak for $28.95. If you prefer a CD, that is also available for $1 more plus shipping.

This is one of those investment pieces of curriculum. You buy it once and can use it again and again for years. It is a great supplement to whatever history and geography curriculum you currently use. I know there are many times when we were studying something and I had to search and search the internet to try to find a map. In fact, I think the one I had a really hard time finding was a blank outline of the states. Now I have them all in one place, any map I could possibly imagine.
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