Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Boy Doesn't Love a Car Race?

The Quarter Mile Math is a self-competitive software for practicing math skills. Children solve math problems to make either a horse or a race care move up the straight, quarter mile track. They are racing against their previous best scores. I love that concept. I am very competitive with myself. I love to try to beat my past times, scores, goals, whatever. Unfortunately, I'm afraid, my children did not inherit that same passion. Or maybe it is just because it involves math. The graphics of The Quarter Mile Math are very simple. There are not a lot of distractions all over the screen. It is just practicing math, and challenging yourself.

There are over 70,000 problems ranging in level from kindergarten through pre-algebra. The Standard CD version is split into three levels. Each level is $39.95 each, or you can get the complete set for $89.95. The Deluxe version comes with student progress tracking, includes all levels, and is a very good value at only $2.95 per month for the whole family. Yes, you read that right, two dollars and 95 cents. That includes printable progress charts that would be a great addition to your child's homeschooling portfolio.

We have only had the program a few weeks, and to this point my children are not that excited about it. In this world of 3-D graphics and Wii games they are a little bored by the game. But I am going to keep at it for a while. I think after another month, I will post a follow-up to share if they have enjoyed it anymore, or made any progress.

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