Friday, August 21, 2009

"Hank the Cowdog" Maverick Books

I love getting packages in the mail. When I got the package in the mail from Maverick Books, I was expecting a book. Wasn't I surprised to find so much more inside. We did get a book. It is titled "The Case of the One-eyed Killer Stud Horse". It is book eight in the "Hank the Cowdog" series by John Erickson. This is definitely a book series for boys. My boys found it hysterical. Unfortunately, I found it a bit lacking in manners. It did not use any bad language per se, but it did occasionally word things in a way contrary to our teaching.

We also received a CD of songs and excerpts from several of the stories. Again, I got the same feeling that it was OK, but just not the manners I want my children to imitate. "Hank's Tornado Game" was also in the box. The game is pure, good, family fun. It reminds me a lot of the game "Trouble", but instead of a popper it uses a spinner. The pieces you move around the board are characters from the book. My 10 year old found it a little boring, but my six year old loves it. The great thing is that it is portable. The board folds in half and locks together, keeping all game pieces safely inside.

If you are interested in learning more about Maverick Books and "Hank the Cowdog", click HERE. The books sell for $4.24 each for paperback. "Hank's Tornado Game" sells for $12.99.

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Alanna said...

And you got them together in a package in the mail (for free????) and how'd you do that?? Spill it girl! :)