Friday, August 21, 2009

HTML - What Does It Mean?

We hear the letters all the time, but what really is html? Is it possible that I could ever understand it well enough to design a website? What if I told you it's so easy that a child could design a website?

We had the privlege of reviewing a DVD lesson called "Web Design for Kids...and Curious Grown-ups". The DVD is one hour and 22 minutes long, but is broken up into seven chapters. Each chapter is a very simple lesson on how to use html codes to design your very own website. It transforms the technical into simple language that anyone can understand. They call it Sesame Street language. It is specifically targeted for ages 10 to adult. The only computer software required is notepad and internet explorer. Notepad comes free with most PC's. Also, you do not have to post anything on the web to see the results.

We tried the DVD with my 10 year old first. We just popped it in the DVD player and hit play. He sat on the couch with the laptop and followed along with the DVD. I was able to pause the DVD to let him catch up with typing (that's definitely the next skill we need to work on). It was very cool, because as he completed a step, then he would go check to see how it looked. He loved typing in the code and then quick checking to see what he did. The great thing is that we left the DVD paused and just let him play and experiment for quite a while. Overall, my son really enjoyed the program. I love anything that will get my kids excited about learning. The problem we ran into was that my six year old also wanted to participate. After much prodding on his part, we finally let him give it a try. As expected, he struggled and did not get much out of it because dad ended up having to do most of the work. I should add that my six year old is quite a bit ahead academically, working mostly at a 2nd and 3rd grade level. He just was not quite ready for this.

For a limited time, you can order "Web Design for Kids...and Curious Grown-ups" for only $19.99. Click here to check out the website.


zimbousa said...

Good review, concise and to the point!

Tiffany said...

Very cool! My husband would LOVE to do that with my kids. And, what a simple, unintimidating way to get into programming.