Monday, November 17, 2008

Very Personal Blog

I am not normally one to share deeply personal information on my blog. I am here to inspire others. But I have something that I have been struggling with and need some advice from some other moms. So I am going to share more than I normally would, and pray that the right people will see this to offer advice. If you know me personally and would rather share your advice privately, I would appreciate that as well. I'd even enjoy a coffee or ice cream with ya.

Six years ago, after my son was born, I had my tubes tied. Since that time, I have struggled with extremely heavy menstruation. It is very regular, just very heavy. I am not sure if the two things are related or not. I am just exploring all my options to get this to stop. The last cycle was the worst. I was in church, just sitting. When I stood up I had to go home and change my clothes. I was nearly in tears. But I was reminded of the woman who touched the cloak of Jesus and was instantly healed. I prayed hard after that, and was better all afternoon and for the rest of the time. I am trusting God, and making some lifestyle changes that are supposed to help. But I am still curious if someone else has had this problem, and if having a reversal would actually help. I would also love to chat with anyone who has had a reversal to find out the results of that. I am considering the reversal for another reason as well, but am also considering adoption. Please weigh in your thoughts on that as well.

On an unrelated topic, does anyone have any good ideas on how to motivate kids to do their math?


DebiH. said...

We spent several months researching adoption choices and I do have some information I could share with you. I saved all of the information we recieved and we still get newsletters and e-mails from several organizations. If you can find the opportunity, I would recommend going to a Spirit of Adoption seminar. It is put together by an adoption agency but even if you are not interested in that agency, it is worth the time. It is really focused on opening your heart to adoption from a Christian perspective. As for the medical side of your question,I wish I had some help. I did a little bit of research this year as I was considering choices. The opinions on complications from tubals and having reversals were pretty varied :(

Tiffany said...

There is a lady in our church, I can give you her e-mail who recently had a tubal reversal because of the side effects of having her tubes tied. I don't know what her issues were but I know that it was really rough for her. I will e-mail you her e-mail.

Steph said...

I have had a tubal reversal and know a lot about it...many ladies get it to reverse the very symptoms you speak of. I followed the message board for about a year before I did it and a year is the link to the Dr. who is world renowned for reversals. Profiled on Discovery and considered the BEST. AMAZING, loving man as well, you can find my testimony there as well.
Call me if you want to chat.

Steph said...

KATE is a result of my TR!