Thursday, December 4, 2008

Simple Solution to a Difficult Problem

About six months ago we were doing a health lesson about bones and calcium. We did some research and learned all about alternatives to milk. Soy, as you may know, is a very popular milk substitute right now. The soy industry is marketing the health benefits of soy very well. One of my children absolutely loved it. And due to the benefits we thought we would get we started consuming soy milk. I generally only had it for breakfast, mixed in a smoothie. I later learned that soy may affect hormones. So after my incident last month, I removed all soy from the house. This month, I did not have a repeat situation. In fact, I overall felt much better. My advice would be to be careful what you believe about health benefits of products. Especially things that say all natural. Natural doesn't automatically mean it's good for you. Plus, a lot of things simply start with a natural ingredient, and then chemically modify it. I digress. I could go on and on about that topic. I will just leave you with this. Listen to your body. Just because something is good for someone else, does not make it good for you. God made us all unique and special, inside and out.


Julie said...

Wow! That is so good that you were able to narrow it down! I've never been a fan of soy.

5Gustos said...

We eat very little soy in this house. That's saying a lot, since we're also vegetarian, and most vegetarians eat a lot of soy. I don't trust it, as I believe it messed with my thyroid and my hormones, both of which are still not normal on their own. I'm glad you discovered it doesn't sit well with you, so you can avoid it if it is a problem. :)