Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Hours in the Day

I often hear people wishing for more hours in the day. I have been guilty of that myself, many times. As I was cooking dinner tonight, I was pondering that. Evaluating my schedule in my head and thinking about all the things I need to get done, the thought did cross my mind. Then, I thought about my workout this morning.

I have upped my workouts a bit, because I've been invited to train for the team CrossFit competition. One of the common skills that they require is double unders (jump rope). That is not a skill I have ever really attempted until a couple weeks ago. I can do one no problem. The problem is when I try to put two in a row. I haven't quite got the rhythm down yet. The workout was double unders and sit ups. If one can master the technique of double unders, the workout should probably take about 10 minutes for a fit person. It took me 40 minutes.

What does my 40 minute workout have to do with having more hours in the day to get more done? Ten minutes of working out can be tough depending on the kind of exercises you are performing, but the same exercises taking 40 minutes is far tougher. After ten minutes, I feel like I've worked hard but have plenty of energy left to go about my daily business. After 40 minutes, I feel completely exhausted and like I can't do one more sit up. When a day has a full schedule and it feels like there needs to be more hours, what would happen if there really were. Doing all the things that need to get done is tiring. Doing all the things that need to get done but taking extra hours to do it would be just pure exhausting. By dinner time, I am ready to sit down for a couple hours of relaxation. By 10 pm, I am ready for bed. I can't imagine having to push through another two or three hours.

What's the key? Efficiency. Instead of wishing for more hours, I am wishing for more efficiency. How can I perform my daily tasks (and double unders) most efficiently? That is what my month of organization is all about.

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