Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All About Spelling - An Added Bonus

You may remember a while back reading my review of the All About Spelling program. If not, click here to read it. A few weeks ago, I received the Beehive Reader. This reader, which sells for $19.95 goes along with All About Spelling Level 1. It is a collection of 10 cute little stories using the words that your kids are learning how to spell.
I cannot really give you much of a review from my children's perspective. They are 7 and 11 and have been reading for quite some time. So I will tell you my impressions from looking it over. Honestly, I wish I would've had this complete program when my children were first learning to read. It would have been very useful in cementing the phonetics in the beginning thereby helping them down the road. I loved using the All About Spelling program without the reader, but we were doing it late and after my children already knew how to read. If you are starting it in the beginning, I think the reader is a great addition to the program. It really makes it a more complete program for kindergarten or 1st grade language arts. The reader can also be used on its own, apart from the All About Spelling program. I was a little disappointed to find that this is the only reader. I was hoping there might be more to go along with the other levels.

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