Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Really Cool Gadget

I think the picture says everything, but I am going to tell you about this cool gadget anyway. Wasn't I shocked one day to get my mail and find a book holder? Honestly, I was not all that excited. I was thinking in my head, "what am I going to do with a book holder?" Let me tell you, my opinion quickly changed when we started using the STUDYPOD. It is probably the greatest thing for students since the pencil. At first, I didn't think it would be valuable to us because my oldest child is in 5th grade. He does not use books at the computer to take notes and write reports like the picture shows. After I took it out of the box and set it up, I had to find a book to try. My son's 5th grade math book was conveniently left on the table, so I opened it and set it on the STUDYPOD. Several weeks later, the book is still there. My son absolutely loves it. There is no longer a need to worry about the page accidentally getting turned, because the STUDYPOD holds them in place. It also is portable. You can fold it up to the size of a book and carry it to the library, school, or wherever else you might study. Our STUDYPOD is black, but they do come in other colors (including my favorite, pink). The regular price is $19.95, which is very reasonable and worth the price. Of course, I know you love a deal as much as I do. The company was kind enough to offer a coupon code for my readers who would like to order online. Visit the website to place your order, and enter coupon code TOSBLOG5. Then, enjoy your new cool gadget.

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oneblessedmamma said...

Will you copy and paste this review into an e-mail to the homeschool group? I want to be sure between the three of us that we are sharing them with everyone, but not overwhelming them with 3 reviews of everything.