Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Moon and Telescopes

I am behind in posting our science units. We studied the moon a couple weeks ago, so let's see how much I remember. Hopefully the kids retain better than I do. The moon really is amazing. It is exactly the perfect size to control our tides. Without the moon's gravity to churn up the ocean, it would get stagnant and the beaches would get dirty. By accident, you say. I don't think so. After learning about the moon, the kids made their own telescopes using a paper towel tube and two magnifying glasses. We had to look up later why the image is upside down whereas regular telescopes are not. I remembered in the middle of the night, that telescopes normally use mirrors to flip the image. I still am not sure what causes it to be upside down. It must have something to do with the curve of the lenses.

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