Monday, May 26, 2008

Asteroid Belt

Some scientists believe there may have at one time been a planet between Mars and Jupiter. There are some other theories as to why there are so many asteroids in between Mars and Jupiter. We will probably not know the truth in our lifetime. I am learning so much with this book. I hope the kids are learning even a fraction of what I am learning. For this lesson we did not use the book project. I got some posterboard and some paints. I had the kids make a picture of the solar system that we have learned up to this point. In other words, from the sun to Mars and the asteroid belt. It was very interesting to see 7 different interpretations of this (and one rainbow). We had one picture where the sun ended up looking like a pizza. One where the sun looked a little like a heart. The 5 and 6 year olds had to draw all the planets, they could not understand a solar system with only four planets. The 3yo was the one that made a rainbow. Some drew the sun in the middle of the paper, some drew part of the sun on the edge of the picture. Great time.

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