Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nature Friend Magazine

Nature Friend magazine "Helping Families Explore the Wonders of God's Creation"

I recently received two issues of Nature Friend magazine to review. My boys and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring nature through the pages of this magazine. I personally am not much of an outdoor person, and do not like hands on contact with animals. I do, however, love learning about animals. My boys also really love learning about animals. The articles in Nature Friend are all presented in a way that is easy to understand, but does not talk down to the students. The target audience is 8 - 16 year olds, but can be enjoyed by younger siblings, parents, and grandparents. We had a great time going through and working together on some of the activities as a family. It was a great spark for some fun conversation. We were going through a word search, finding names of animals. We came to the word "gorilla", and my six year old bursts out with, "Male gorillas over the age of 11 are called silverbacks." He sounded just like a documentary. My fifth grader's favorite part was the learn to draw segment. He learned how to draw a sunflower. Both the boys love looking at the submissions from other kids their age. Nature Friend is also filled with amazing nature photos. A one year subscription will run you $36.
For an additional $2 per issue, you can get a study guide to go along with the magazine. The study guide is a great way to find out what your children are comprehending. It is filled with fun activities plus features on writing and photography. Right now through November 30, 2009, you can get $3 off a new subscription. Simply use coupon code BLOG93 when ordering. Visit the Nature Friend website to view some of their nature photos and for ordering information.

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