Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Star Quilt

If you ever want to have a sense of accomplishment about something (or you want your kids to), try making a quilt. It is definitely a lesson in hard work and determination. But, I highly recommend working with a group. I joined with a group of other homeschooling moms to do a quilt block exchange, mostly so I could make new friends. We had just moved to Florida, and I did not know very many people yet. There is something about working on a huge project like this that really brings a group of people together. I made some of the most wonderful friends through this process. The Christmas quilt you see here is actually the second exchange that we did. However, I am not yet done with the first quilt. Each block you see was made by a different person. Most of the group, including myself, had little to no experience quilting. We all learned together under a very patient and wonderful teacher who participated in the exchange with us. We also had a very gracious hostess to open her home to us, with a wonderful daughter to help care for our little ones. My next project (after I finish my half done quilt) will be a dolphin quilt for my bed. It will be king size, just in case we ever get the new bed that I want. The good thing is that I can buy it in little bits at a time, because I know it will not be cheap. I can't wait to get started.


Clunn Family said...

Yay Gidget! It's beautiful! Congrats! I knew you could do it!

Melissa said...

Very Well Done!! It's beautiful!

Randi said...

What an accomplishment!